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Simplifying Business


Empowering Progress Through Technological Advancements and Digital Transformation

The Roadmap to Digital Transformation


Leveraging emerging technology for success

Migrating SAP workload to Cloud

Streamlining Cloud Migration Strategies for a Seamless Transition to the Future

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Berger Tech Consulting Limited a next-generation technology solutions and services company. The company was founded in 2022 with the goal of facilitating companies to expedite their digital and technological transformation processes. Berger Tech services uses a tech-agnostic approach to support clients thrive in today’s fast-changing and highly competitive world. In this century technology landscape is evolving rapidly, to survive technology-led transformation is essential.

The combination of our technology solutions and services with our deep domain expertise can enable partners to simplify business operations, lower costs, maximize revenue, and gain a competitive advantage. Berger Tech Consulting pledges to continue to adapt effective emerging innovative technology solutions and services to transform businesses and uncover new growth opportunities for our customers.

Berger Tech Consulting is a subsidiary of Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited, leading manufacturers and market leader in Bangladesh known for its diversified portfolio of paint & coating products and services. Both Berger Paints and Berger Tech foster a culture of deep trust. Trust is inviolable in all of our client relations as we work towards our vision of becoming a trusted technology solutions company.


Certified, Skilled and Experience Professionals

Believes on Quality rather than Quantity

Business oriented Project Management

Experience on SAP ERP and Dynamics 365 ERP

12+ Years’ Experience on Technological solutions

Maintain Standard and Best Practices

In touch with world renowned Organizations

Berger heritage of being Trusted Worldwide


The Right place for Solution and Inovation

Nurturing talent and building a thriving workplace


Accountability represents having an ownership mindset. This enables the employees to think and act like owners…

Solution Mindset

Having a solution mindset is the practice of not seeing a big problem as a whole. Instead, we promote breaking…


We believe that employee engagement is a must to embrace innovation at the grassroots. Hence, we drive collaboration…


The expertise tenet focuses on inculcating a learning mindset in the employees. Everyone needs to upskill and aim to become an expert…

Never Give-Up

The never-give-up tenet encourages an attitude to thrive on achieving the desired results. The focus is to help work on and embrace…


Dependability is directly proportional to accountability. While doing so, the outcome is timely and complete. The last pillar…

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